In 2012 I completed M.S. research in the Natural Resources Department at Cornell University while in the Employee Degree program, with a focus on spatial analysis. My primary interests are in assessing the role human activities play in coastal eutrophication, understanding the factors that influence the health and distribution of eelgrass, and in utilizing acoustics, spatial analysis, and GIS as tools to better understand and interpret environmental data. I’m currently working on my PhD in the department of Natural Resources and the Environment.

More information about my current research in West Falmouth Harbor is coming eventually!

In the meantime, here are links to our recent publications.  Some are direct links to open-source PDF files, some require an academic institution with access. You can always email me for a copy if you don’t have access.

Howarth et. al. 2021. Role of external inputs of nutrients to aquatic ecosystems in determining prevalence of nitrogen vs. phosphorus limitation of net primary productivity. Biogeochemistry (2021)

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