Photos taken at night, so please excuse the dim lighting.

The area we’ve set up as the bedroom has a queen bed with mattress and box spring (pillowtop inner spring mattress), with two end tables and two lamps. The chair is a double-wide (fits two if you’re cozy). The skylight is electric and has an electric shade. Right now the battery is dead on the shade, so we’ve kept it closed. The bed is too heavy to move without damaging the floors, so it needs to remain here. You’re always welcome to get your own mattress if this one isn’t to your liking.
The long wall is where we have the two closet units (one set up with a shelf and hanging space, the other with pant hangers on the bottom and a hanging bar in the middle. The previous tenant used the dresser as the TV stand across from the couch/bed. This is our TV that we’re happy to leave up there. The previous tenant used the adjacent table as his desk, but it could be removed if not needed.
Looking toward the back of the apartment, you can see the second closet unit. The bathroom is on the left. The back slider goes to a small deck (we have a table and two chairs we put out in warm months) and down a flight of stairs to the deck.
Looking toward the front of the unit. The bookshelf to the right of the bathroom door is screwed in to the wall for stability. The wardrobe is mobile (but heavy). The curtains on the front window are light filtering, not blackout.
There’s a counter height table with 2 chairs. It has a leaf and turns into a large square. We can add more chairs out of storage if you want. The gas stove in the corner is by far the most cost effective way to heat the place in the winter, as long as the table is kept far enough away for safety purposes.
The kitchen area can be stocked with as much or as little as you feel you’d need. Legally it can’t have an oven, but it currently has just about everything else, including a large convection countertop oven and two burner cooktop. We have the cabinets stocked with kitchen items and can work with you on what you need. Most of the appliances were in the cabinets when this photo was taken.
Here’s the kitchen as the previous tenant left it. The large toaster oven on top of the fridge is great for baking, while the small one on the countertop is better for actual toast. The skylight in the kitchen can either have the shade open or closed.
The vanity has a bit of water damage, but is ok structurally. There’s a large storage cabinet next to it. The other wall has a closet with the water heater behind the shower (same as photos below). There’s also a ceiling light and vent fan.

These photos are older (2017 for the most part), but they give you an idea of what the space is like.