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About Me

For years I have had too many websites to keep track of; one for my professional and graduate student activities, one for my musical pursuits, one for my other hobbies... As you can imagine, things started to become a mess.

My new theory is that no one who comes to my website looking for information on one area of my life will be surprised by the fact that I do more than one thing with my time. So over the next few week/months/years I am going to work hard to bring all the content from my disparate websites from various stages in my web coding education together in this one location. Suggestions on improvements would be welcome!


08.04.2012 ~ Huh, I guess I forgot about my website for the last two years...

12.07.10 ~ I discovered the wonderful world of php! Now all html pages redirect using .htaccess to their php counterpart. Hopefully this won't mess anything up...

11.11.10 ~ mhayn.wildsprite.com offline, redirects set up to direct traffic here, but not yet operational. Just waiting on Dreamhost to process the change.

11.10.10 ~ Getting the links set up on the site. So don't be alarmed if the link you click doesn't go anywhere; it will eventually!