Safely back home

We arrived back home safe and sound last night (this morning) at 12:30AM or so.  We had a good day in CT with the family, but were glad to get home and sleep in our own bed.  The Kunichi looks startlingly black for some reason, and is very happy to have us home 🙂  The house is in great condition, thanks to the help from our friends while we were gone.  We were thinking how wonderful everything was; the fridge is cold and running fine, Kunichi only left us her lunch in one or two places, nothing is torn up or ruined, the yard looks fine… basically as if we’d never left.  Except then Eli opened the freezer to get some ice, to find this:

So our freezer is nearly solidly packed with frost/snow, with ice coating a lot of the surfaces.  So we unplugged it so it can defrost, and used the conveniently cold outside to keep our ice cream frozen while we diagnose the problem.  Either the door was slightly cracked while we were gone, or else there’s a broken sensor that needs to be fixed.  We will see!

So now we’re trying to unpack, clean, and get things back in shape before we have to go back to work, and Eli goes off on another job right away.  Tomorrow, the exciting task of grocery shopping!

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