Day 23: Drive to the Ferry

So we could sleep in this morning, since we didn’t need to make the Ferry until 5pm, and the drive was only 5 hours. So we had a bit of a soak (as they call it here) in the hot tub at the holiday park, trying to work out the kinks in our tired muscles. Then we packed up and were on our way.

We drove most of the way straight through (or rather, Eli drove and I napped), and had plenty of time, so stopped for a late lunch at a winery near Blenheim. Unfortunately, we’re still not used to New Zealand time, so they were done serving lunch, but we had a lovely cheese and fruit board, and sampled some of their wine. They had a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, and a very nice riesling (quite mild compared to the Finger Lakes ones I’m used to).

Then we made our way to Picton and hung out for a few minutes before boarding our ferry to Wellington. We used our ferry time to read the guidebooks and try to figure out what we wanted to do… and Eli watched cricket with some locals. He’s still not entirely sure how it works, but was fun to watch with people who cared!

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