Gift Baskets!

The Renaissance Fair on 12/1 was a great event; with music, food, and great local crafts. I had a great time: Saw so many friends, did some holiday shopping, and met a lot of new, interesting people.

I put together gift baskets using Beautycounter products for the fair, and have some remaining.  If you’re not done with your holiday shopping yet and see something that interests you, let me know! I’m happy to ship them as well if you’re not local.

Beautycounter is all about safer, high-performing ingredients, in products produced sustainably and responsibly. Let me know if you’re interested in more information!

Binding Machine!

I guess I should also post the reason I was away for so long. I finally finished editing my thesis, and now am a master of science!  (Where’s my cape?)

From a crafty perspective, it gave me an excuse to buy more coils for my binding machine; I felt like a kid in a candy store, picking out the colors 😀

So now that I had bindings (and quality paper for the covers plus clear oversheets), I could make a multitude of budget copies (since the hard bound ones were pricey!).


And now I have lots of colors, to color code the music booklets that eventually I will get motivated to assemble.