Photos from 2022. Obviously any of the furniture is mobile or can be removed, and we have other furniture we can swap in as needed.

The area we’ve set up as the bedroom has a queen bed with mattress and box spring (pillowtop inner spring mattress), with two end tables and two lamps. This is our guest bedding (family has been staying up here for visits), but we can provide different bedding if it’s helpful. The chair is a double-wide (fits two if you’re cozy). The skylight is electric and has an electric shade. Right now the battery is dead on the shade, so we’ve kept it closed, but hopefully the replacement battery will arrive soon.
The long wall is usually where we have the two closet units (one set up with a shelf and hanging space, the other with pant hangers on the bottom and a hanging bar in the middle. There’s another shelf for the left unit, but I need to buy new clips for it). The previous tenant used the dresser as the TV stand across from the couch/bed.
Here’s the same wall, with the closets set up a different way. There’s 10.5 feet of extra wall space set up this way, between the closets. There’s plenty of room for a desk or work table (I have a 5 foot one we could put up there) or a futon/couch (we have a spare simple futon). Other tenants have put the closets coming out from the wall to make a room separator (and gain space for a huge desk and huge TV).
Looking toward the front of the unit. The bookshelf is screwed in to the wall for stability. Usually we put the dresser next to the bathroom door here (this is the same dresser from pervious photos). You can see that the curtains on the front window are light filtering, not blackout.
There’s a counter height table with 4 chairs (two recovered in new reddish fabric, two with older faux leather fabric). It has a leaf and turns into a large square. You can see there’s plenty of room to add whatever else you need for furniture, which we’re happy to provide if desired.
The gas stove is the most cost effective way to heat in the winter at current energy prices.
The kitchen layout has room for an island, if you discover you need more work space. Right now it’s very open. We have the cabinets stocked with kitchen items and can work with you on what you need. Most of the appliances are in the cabinets at the moment.
The vanity has a bit of water damage, but is ok structurally. There’s a large storage cabinet next to it. The other wall has a closet with the water heater behind the shower (same as photos below). There’s also a ceiling light and vent fan.

These photos are older (2017 for the most part), but they give you an idea of what the space is like.