Injera: Day 1

Decided to tackle Ethiopian for Wednesday’s dinner, so step 1 was to get the Injera started today. It’s a spongy sour flatbread that should look like this when done:

Unfortunately, the recipe in Exotic Ethiopian Cooking said to use 6 cups of water, but you add the water in four different steps, and it doesn’t tell you how much to add in each one. So I guessed 5c mixed with the flour (1.5lb, weighed out on a scale), and 1c. warm with the yeast (2 packets). It looks soupy to me, but we’ll see! What I have now is a thin batter, covered with a towel waiting to rise. I hope the bowl is big enough…

Some folks have said it smells horrible on day 2, but it also says elsewhere to keep at 70° while rising. I don’t have anywhere that’s that warm, nevermind that warm and well-ventilated.  Just going to keep my fingers crossed that it works on the kitchen table.

7pm (1:15 after adding yeast). I think I need a bigger bowl!

8:30pm (3 hrs into rising). And now it looks less appealing. I believe I’ll stop checking until tomorrow 😀

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